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Summer Tutoring Hours:

Monday and Wednesday
9:30 to 12:30
Monday thru Thursday
2:30 to 6:30​​


Summer is the best time to learn! Numerous studies have shown the importance of continued learning during vacations. Practicing math and reading over summer break are essential for your child in order to prevent a phenomenon called Summer Learning Loss (SLL). SLL is not only a sneaky culprit which could rob your child of his/her progress but one of the main reasons why teachers have to spend the first few months of the school each year making sure their students don’t get left behind!

On top of all of the temptations that summer holds, the challenging new standards of education set by Common Core presents the children with material that is harder than ever. These are some of the reasons why it is crucial to make sure your child feels confident and successful when it comes to their education.

Here at Roots Education Center, we firmly believe that we can be the solution to any challenges that may arise in your child’s education. Our center prides itself on the fact that our goal is not only to make sure your child succeeds but is able to find the fun inside learning. Eventually, your child will approach education not as a requirement, but an opportunity to prosper and thrive. With our highly qualified instructors, up to date curriculum materials and track record of brilliance; we guarantee to provide a safe and positive environment which will enrich your child’s summer while helping them take charge of their own learning.

In order to achieve this, we create individualized programs that assess the learning gaps your child has and effectively implement a concrete understanding. To help you get started, Roots Education Center will give a FREE [1 hour] assessment to determine where your child is in his/her learning.

We have one-to-one programs in Reading, Science, Writing, Math and ACT/SAT There are no contracts to sign and our tuition is month-to-month. For more information please visit www.rootseducationcenter.org

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Take the  SUMMERTIME  Checklist Challenge

Has your child’s teacher or school counselor recommended that he or she get help? (This may occur at a parent-teacher conference or report card time.)

Is your child struggling in his or her current reading or math level?

Are your child’s grades starting to fall even though he or she is still working very hard?

Regardless of how much time your child spends on homework, is it often neither complete nor accurate? (This may indicate a lack of basic skills in reading and/or math.)

Have you noticed that your child seems to lack confidence and/or motivation?

Has your child lost interest in learning?

Does your child exhibit anxiety before tests?

Do you or your child feel like giving up?