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exceptional tutors in one-to-one settings, we offer an unparalleled satisfaction guarantee. Each and every student that is entrusted to our care will be given no less than the best from our highly qualified ACT/SAT tutors; all of whom are in the 99 percentile and have years of experience working with students.

Not only that, but our results speak volumes for itself. The average score difference students see when they commit to our ACT/SAT Standard program is an incredible score jump. In fact, we are extremely confident of our ability to effectively help your child attain his/her dream score, that we even provide a guarantee* to all students who choose to use our program.

Achieve your goal, conquer and succeed If you are not happy with the March ACT/SAT score, let’s change that together! Register and give us a chance to show you how different and effective our premier ACT/SAT prep is, and spark your child’s successful and happy college career. 

There are numerous ways to prepare for the ACT/SAT, that range from motivated self-studying to prep groups. Personally, as an “ex-student” that has jumped from the national ranking of 50% to 99%, I found that the best way to prepare for the exam was to start in advance with someone who has successfully navigated the treacherous roads of the ACT/SAT. 


 The grueling wait is over and you have your child’s ACT/SAT report in your hands, a majority of you may find yourself asking, “Now what?”

If your child is not satisfied with the ACT/SAT score that he/she has received, there is no need to fret! There will be multiple other opportunities for your child, with the earliest being the upcoming exam on April 18th [Registration deadline was March 27th]. 

How can I improve my child’s score?
1. Know thy enemy: The ACT/SAT is comprised of 4 sections: ENGLISH, MATH, READING and SCIENCE. Focus and zero in on the section & types of problems which give you the most trouble!
2 tips & tricks: There are plenty of tips that will significantly boost your score on the day of the ACT. For example, “LETTER OF THE DAY” tells you that choosing one letter and consistently putting that down for your “guess” spots will ensure a higher score, rather than choosing different letters for your “guess” spots throughout the test.
3 Dedication & effort: With the right tools, time and perseverance, you can dominate the ACT/SAT!

Here at Roots Education Center, our ACT/SAT program is different from the generic and expensive programs offered in other tutoring centers. With personally tailored lessons from