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Children and education have always been Ann Sullivan’s focus in life!  A Northwestern University graduate, Ann was the valedictorian of her high school class of over 400 students.  Ann was a Pre-Med student at Northwestern but soon realized that coaching and teaching her own children as students and citizens were far more important to her.  

A mother of three, Ann worked tirelessly to provide them the best opportunity to succeed in school and be well-rounded people of character and integrity.  She chose to work as a stay at home mom rather than pursue 

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a career she felt wouldn’t allow her the quality time and the ability to help her children as she felt necessary. Always volunteering at the schools, Ann made it her point to know her children’s teachers and supplement and reinforce what they were being taught.  

When she felt her children were succeeding on their own she didn’t just step away and pursue a career.  Rather she became an active substitute in her children’s school district.  Ann was not one who simply filled the seat at the desk; she taught, finding success in the challenging studies of high school Math and Science as well as History and English. Every child learns differently and Ann is able to communicate a concept in multiple ways to ensure comprehension.

Ann believes that children should be well rounded and that the skills that they learn in school will serve them throughout their lives.  When a student says, “I’ll never need to know this once I’m out of high school,” Ann is able to demonstrate a real life application that makes the lightbulb go on above her student’s head. 

 We would all like our children to be well-rounded in music, sports, academics, and community.  Ann believes that with the proper help and coaching, even challenged learners can succeed in school and find time to enjoy the extracurricular activities that make our children well-rounded individuals.

  • Science-Chemistry, Physics and other sciences

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  • Social Studies & History

  • Spanish Language

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